ISL Product International

Sourcing precision-engineered electronic and electromechanical component and assemblies from around the world

ISL Products International

Sourcing precision-engineered electronic and electromechanical component and assemblies from around the world

About ISL Products International

Since 1975, ISL Products International has been servicing large, medium, and small original equipment manufacturers (OEM) around the world solving problems related to component manufacturing for product assembly.

We started out sourcing electronic and electro-mechanical components for our OEM customers offering quality components at better than competitive prices, while offering just in time (J.I.T.) service before J.I.T. was a commonly known phrase in the industry. Many of our components are sourced from the Far East.

As our client’s needs became more complex, ISL rose to the occasion by offering custom solutions in the component space while most companies were only offering products “off the shelf” or product out of a catalog. At this point, our company culture made a paradigm shift from the supplier of “me too” items to creating and building solutions for our customers.

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ISL Products International Services

Standard Products

ISL Products International is a specialist in sourcing electronic and electro-mechanical components globally. We have four core catalog offerings from factories that ISL has developed partnerships and joint venture relationships with.  These offerings are DC geared motors, loud speakers, buzzers and transducers and power supplies. Our relationship with our factories allows us to offer additional value added options from our catalog selections in order to fine tune our offerings to your applications for better form fit and functions.


Custom Products

At ISL Products International we have a saying; when we can’t find the “Hard to Find” components, we build them. ISL has the relationships and the engineering know how to manufacture most components to meet your application requirements. Whether you need increased life of a geared motor or improved frequency response of a speaker, ISL Products is your go-to company to tackle your special requirement. 


Cost Reduction Programs

Throughout the history of our company, ISL Products International has been proactive in delivering significant cost reductions to our customers. In some cases when a customer has a single source for an item, ISL Products will take the initiative to either seek out a new source or cost out the price of building a duplicate product.


Contract Manufacturing

ISL Products International Ltd. has been performing contract manufacturing services throughout Asia for more than 30 years. Our experience began with custom engineered electronic and electro-mechanical components for industrial OEM providing solutions for production problems to some of the largest manufactures of medical devices and commercial and industrial equipment around the globe.


What We Do

ISL Products International, Ltd. can help you find those hard to find items from suppliers around the world. Or we can design and build a product or assembly to meet your exact specifications.

Check out our product catalog for examples of what we can source for you and/or call us to discuss your needs at +(516) 937-3475 to discuss your specific needs.

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