Electronic Ballasts and Power Supplies

We develop electronic ballasts optimized for performance and custom value-added power supplies engineered for your desired applications.

Ballasts &
Power Supply Components

Innovative power solutions

At ISL Products, we have over 40 years of experience manufacturing electronic ballasts with optimized performance for lighting applications. We also manufacture and supply a range of customized power supplies for both commercial and medical applications that can be designed with a range of value-added options to optimize their performance.

Our engineering team will work with you to develop an electronic ballast with the performance you need and the value-added options you want.


ISL Products has optimized ballast performance for a variety of lighting applications. Our engineering team will work with you to develop an electronic ballast with the performance you are looking for.

We service the Industrial OEM globally and offer a variety of value-added options when it relates to the electronic ballasts that we manufacture.  

Power Supplies

Power supplies come in many forms and categories. We can manufacture and supply any of the categories listed below in production quantities. As power supply manufacturers, our niche is manufacturing and supplying value-added versions.

We will work with you and your team of engineers to develop a power supply that meets your desired performance.  Any one of the power supply types listed below can be built to optimize your product’s performance:

  • Wall-mount power supplies
  • Desktop power supplies
  • Battery chargers
  • Security power supplies
  • Medical power supplies
  • Enclosed power supplies
  • Open frame power supplies
  • U-channel or u-bracket power supplies
  • LED drivers
  • Car adapters
  • Regulated & unregulated DC to DC converters

Value-Added Options

Extended temperature range

Safety approval submissions for all agencies

Non-standard output

Adjusting overall size to meet your applications