Re-engineering obsoleted components to offer the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

Obsolete Product Replacement

Extend the lifecycle of your components

Component obsolescence can be a nightmare for a buyer, an engineer, or a manufacturing manager. When components go end of life, searching for a replacement for those obsolete electronic components generally means time wasted. You end up only finding partial quantities while paying excessive premiums.

For anyone experiencing electronic and electromechanical component obsolescence, ISL Products International can solve your problem with our Continuous Source Manufacturing capabilities. With the exception of semiconductor components, ISL Products can replicate most obsolete electronic components at a competitive price to your existing source. In addition to becoming a continuous source, we can also tailor the component to meet your desired specification.

Continuous Source Manufacturing

Reengineering Obsolete Electronic Components

Supporting applications with long-term service requirements

Plan ahead by creating solutions before EOL announcements

Ensuring continuous manufacturing and support

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