Brushless DC Motors (BLDC)

ISL Products continues to push the performance curve with our value-added Brushless DC Motors. Our Brushless DC Motors offer reliable speed regulation, efficiency, and performance for precision applications. With the ability to customize multiple aspects of our BLDC Motors, you know you are getting a unique solution based on your exact requirements.

Brushless DC Motors, also known as BLDC Motors, are synchronous, electronically commutated motors that contain a stator fitted with electromagnets and a series of magnets attached to a rotor. BLDC motors offer longevity and low maintenance since there are no brushes within the internal construction. The lack of brushes means low electrical noise and high durability. Our Brushless DC Motors are controlled by a feedback mechanism that allows them to deliver precise output parameters such as speed and torque. The accurate control of ISL BLDC Motors results in reduced energy consumption and less heat generation, creating a more efficient solution.