ISL Products manufactures and aids in the design of a variety of loudspeakers suitable for endless applications and industries. We engineer loudspeaker solutions that offer great durability, quality sound, and peak performance. ISL’s concierge approach ensures that our loudspeakers meet your requirements.

When an electrical signal is applied to the voice coil it generates a magnetic field. The voice coil and magnets within the speaker interact causing the coil and attached cone to move, generating sound. Our loudspeakers incorporate large magnets and particular voice coils to handle a broad range of frequencies and sounds.  Additionally, ISL loudspeakers can be configured in multiple cone materials, sizes, shapes and gaskets to adapt to different operational environments. We have provided loudspeaker solutions for both indoor and outdoor applications, conforming to various IP ratings. Our loudspeaker designs can be found in home theater systems and on the handlebars of some of the most exquisite motorcycles. We pride ourselves upon our ability to understand and deliver loudspeakers per our customer’s requirements.