Magnetic Buzzers

You can find ISL Products’ value-added magnetic buzzers in a broad range of applications. Our magnetic buzzers offer optimal sound and performance for all types of audible alert and identification. The ISL’s engineers will work with you to design a buzzer that performs as expected in your application. Our magnetic buzzer solutions are offered with various mounting options. For ease of use during your manufacturing process, we can also provide you with a washable version for your preferred soldering method.

ISL Products’ magnetic buzzers are more traditional in their make-up as opposed to our piezo buzzers. Our magnetic buzzers, also known as indicators, are designed with an internal drive circuit for easy application integration. During operation, current is driven through a voice coil to produce a magnetic field. When a voltage is applied, the coil generates a magnetic field and then allows the diaphragm to vibrate and produce sound. This buzzer type has a low operating voltage ranging from 1.5 – 12V+. ISL’s magnetic buzzers are desirable for applications requiring a lower sound pressure level (SPL) and frequency. For engineers who would rather design their own external drive circuit, our magnetic transducers would be the optimal fit. Our extensive capabilities make our magnetic buzzers an excellent solution for any audio alert application.