Magnetic Transducers

For decades, ISL Products has provided customers with magnetic transducers, that were specific to their application. Our magnetic transducers are versatile and customizable to different physical sizes, housings, mounting options, power consumption, and more. We provide magnetic transducers for a wide range of applications, ranging from the simplest to the most complex designs.

Our magnetic transducers are engineered to be used with an external drive circuit. This allows our customers the flexibility to design and customize the circuitry to meet their needs. External circuitry allows different frequency ranges to be used to create multiple sounds through the excitation waveform.  ISL’s magnetic transducers come in a slim-line profile and are a cost-effective solution. We offer wave solder-able solutions as well, for all manufacturing methods. Our extensive capabilities make our magnetic transducers an excellent solution for high/low tones, siren, and chime sounds. If you are interested in an alternative magnetic audio component with an integrated internal drive circuit, please check out our magnetic buzzers.