Piezo Buzzers

ISL Products continuously exceeds expectations with our Piezo Buzzer audio solutions. Our piezoelectric buzzers offer optimal sound, performance, and efficiency for all types of medical and industrial applications. ISL’s piezo buzzers are constructed in a variety of sizes and work across varying frequencies which allows them to produce different sounds and tones.

ISL Products piezo buzzers commonly referred to as indicators, are constructed with an internal frequency generator (drive circuit) for simple application integration. As voltage is applied to a piezo buzzer, the piezoceramic disc vibrates, flexing with respect to input voltage to generate sound. Our piezo buzzers maintain low current draw which is advantageous for any battery-operated device. Since piezo buzzers don’t have a magnet in their construction, it eliminates EMI/EMC issues.

If you would like to design your own external circuitry, our piezo transducers would be a better option for your application. With our extensive years of experience designing and manufacturing piezo buzzers, we are sure to have a high output piezo solution for your application.