Piezo Loudspeakers

ISL Products not only meets, but exceeds expectations when it comes to Piezoelectric Loudspeakers.  Our piezo speakers are modular in their design and deliver exceptional sound quality in a slim-line profile. These speakers can be configured with multiple options to best accommodate your specific application. The distinctive characteristics of our piezo speakers make them the ultimate solution for any harsh environment application.

Piezo speakers are constructed with a piezoelectric ceramic disc that resonates sound. Due to the nature of piezo technology, piezo loudspeakers are resistant to being over-driven and can be used without a crossover. A piezo speaker is much easier to drive when compared to the typical magnetic speaker. Since our piezo loudspeakers are non-magnetic they are remarkably lightweight.  Additionally, ISL piezo loudspeakers are suitable for applications that require a broad frequency range. We have been successfully manufacturing piezo speaker solutions to our customers for decades. Our expertise and knowledge allow us to better understand your sound output requirements and design constraints. ISL’s engineering team works side by side yours to provide a long-lasting piezo speaker solution.