Piezo Transducers

ISL Products continues to exceed customer expectations with our Piezo Transducer capabilities. Our piezoelectric transducers produce exceptional sound output and efficiency all while meeting each customer’s unique performance requirements. Piezo transducers are constructed without magnets, instead, they create sound mechanically via the piezoelectric effect.  ISL piezo transducers are an excellent solution for any application that requires audible signaling.

Our piezo transducers are not equipped with a built in drive circuit. This provides our customers with the flexibility of designing their own circuitry to meet their specific needs. The advantage of using an external drive circuit is that the piezo transducers can output sounds at multiple frequencies. Full bridge circuits ramp up SPL for more peak-to-peak voltage, making our piezo transducers a high output solution. If you prefer a piezo device that has a built-in drive circuit, for more simplified installation, you would be interested in our piezo buzzers. ISL’s team of dedicated engineers will work with you to ensure that our piezo transducer performs beyond expectations within your application.