Planetary Gear Motors

ISL Products’ Planetary Gear Motors are an inline solution providing high torque at low speeds. Our Planetary Gear Motors offer high efficiency and provide excellent torque output when compared to other types of gear motors. They can handle a varying load with minimal backlash and are best for intermittent duty operation. With endless reduction ratio options, voltages, and sizes, ISL Products has a fully tailored gear motor solution for you.

A Planetary Gear Motor from ISL Products features one of our various types of DC motors coupled with one of our uniquely designed epicyclic or planetary gearheads. A planetary gearhead consists of an internal gear (sun gear) that drives multiple outer gears (planet gears) generating torque. Multiple contact points across the planetary gear train allows for higher torque generation compared to one of our spur gear motors. In turn, an ISL planetary gear motor has the ability to handle various load requirements; the more gear stages (stacks), the higher the load distribution and torque transmission.