Spur Gear Motors

ISL Products’ DC Spur Gear Motors are designed to meet your application requirements while being compact and economical. We have the capabilities to design and manufacture both the DC motor and spur gearhead collectively to ensure we provide you with the optimal spur gear motor solution. Our spur gear motors provide a cost-effective and highly reliable solution for applications with lower torque and speed requirements. Offering various reduction ratios, precision-cut gears, voltages and sizes, ISL Products has a Spur Gear Motor designed for your application.

An ISL Spur Gear Motor features one of our, many types of, dc motors coupled with one of our unique spur gearheads. The internal construction of our spur gearhead consists of straight-toothed, inter-meshed gears that control the torque and speed output of the gear motor. The gear train consists of large and small gears mounted on parallel shafts that are offset from each other. As the smaller gears mesh with the larger gears, it reduces and transforms speed into torque. The gear train arrangement of a spur gearhead is designed to hold all of the load on a single point of contact between the two gears; adding more gears lowers output speed and increases output torque.