Stepper Motors

ISL Products develops value-added Stepper Motor solutions for a variety of customers and applications. Our Stepper Motors offer excellent torque output, high precision, and serve as a cost-effective solution for all motion control applications. From Hybrid NEMA Stepper Motors, as small as NEMA 8, to Flat PM Stepper Motors, our engineers have a solution for you. We also offer Geared Stepper Motors for applications with higher torque requirements.

A Stepper Motor is a type of Brushless DC Motor that divides a full rotation into several equal “steps”. Stepper Motors are controlled by electrical pulses sent from special Stepper Motor Drivers. The stepper motor drivers are used to control the stepper motors by holding fixed step angles and controlling the rate of speed. Our stepper motors can be controlled via either an open or closed loop system. We manufacture our Stepper Motors with various step angles, including 0.45°, 0.9°, and 1.8° to meet any performance request.