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DC Motors &
DC Gear Motors

High performance and customizable DC motors, DC gear motors, and other electromechanical components provide the performance you need.


Re-engineering obsoleted components to offer the most cost-effective and efficient solution.

Motors & Mechanical Components Built to your specifications

Through collaboration, ISL Products will manufacture and supply you with application specific DC motors and DC gear motors. ISL Products adjusts certain parameters like voltage, size, current draw, torque and speed to ensure the motors and gear motors perform as intended, in your application.

The combination of high performance and a customizable design makes ISL Products’ motors and gear motors ideal for numerous industries and for a broad range of applications.

DC Motors and DC Gear Motors Applications

Over the last 40 years, ISL Products has provided motor and gear motor solutions to a variety of industries and applications. ISL Products’ motors and gear motors offer a variation of torque and speed outputs, in a compact design. Here are some examples of how ISL’s motors and gear motors are being used:

Upload your electric motor specs today so we can design and build the right custom motor for you!

Security Industry

Electronic Door Locks / Safes / ATM’s

Robotics Industry

Motion Control for Tactical Robots

Industrial Machinery

Wire Cutting / Labeling / Packaging

Public Access

ADA Pool Chair Lifts / Vending Machines

Stepper Motor Industrial

Automotive Industry

Motorized Seats / Mirrors

Office Equipment

Printers / Copiers

Aviation Industry

Articulating TV Mounts

Healthcare Industry

Disposable Tools / Test Equipment

DC Motors and DC Gear Motors Explained

A DC motor and DC gear motor are both manufactured with a brushed or brushless motor and feature either a standard or coreless design. 

A DC gear motor features the same basic motor design as a DC motor but also includes a gearbox to create a single motion control component. This design allows speed reduction while increasing torque output in electromechanical applications. A DC motor and DC gear motor are both manufactured with a brushed or brushless motor and feature either a standard or coreless design. They are compact, cost-effective and used in applications ranging from vending machines to robotics equipment. The two most prominent types of gear motors are planetary and spur gear motors. Read our in depth design note on planetary vs. spur gear motors, for a further understanding of each types advantages.

Direct current motors, known as DC motors, are rotating electrical devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. When DC voltage is applied to the motor terminal, an inductor coil produces a magnetic field to create rotary motion. A shaft inside the motor contains two magnets that generate repulsive and attractive forces to produce torque. Visit our introductory design note on DC Motors for more information on the construction of DC Motors.