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ISL’s Application-Specific Electronic Ballasts Enhance Performance and Extend the Life of UV-C Germicidal Bulbs

Syosset, NY, May 30, 2018

High-Efficiency Parts Meet OEMs’ Environmental, and Electrical/Mechanical Requirements

Announced today by ISL Products International Ltd., a global leader in value-added manufacturing and engineering services for electronic/electromechanical components, are high- efficiency electronic ballasts designed for a broad spectrum of food, air, water and healthcare applications requiring ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI). The programmed start ballasts optimize performance and extend the UV-C bulb life, which deactivates the DNA of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens to destroy their ability to multiply and cause disease.  These application-specific ballasts meet any UV-C lamp OEMs’ requirements including, bulb type, case style, input volts/input amps, wattage, number of lamps operated, power factor/efficiency, ballast factor and environmental protection.  They are available with either push-in terminals or an integrated bulb-specific socket.  Ballasts are independently tested with customers’ bulbs to comply with all relevant safety standards, including UL and cUL. ISL’s programmed start ballasts feature a logic-controlled “soft start” technology which minimizes “sputter” and facilitates high-cycling applications without degrading the life of the bulb.   ISL also manufactures rapid start ballasts for applications with less frequent start-ups.

High-efficiency electronic ballasts are necessary for UV lamps employed in an array of commercial, industrial, and healthcare environments. Germicidal UV-C is used by the food industry to prolong shelf life, preserve nutritional value, and to sterilize pathogens.  Hospitals and scientific labs require germicidal UV-C to sterilize equipment and the air in operating rooms. HVAC systems utilize it to sterilize pathogens that cause illness and contaminants that aggravate respiratory ailments.  UV-C is also used to cure or dry inks, varnishes, and coating, as well as for hygiene and infection control, and disinfection for viruses and bacteria.   Germicidal UV-C is further appropriate for water purification in water reclamation, waste water, drinking water, industrial and process water.

Pricing for ISL’s high-efficiency electronic ballast is determined based on customers’ specifications. Minimum quantities range from 1K to 3K; delivery is 8 to 9 weeks.

To learn more about ISL’s high-efficiency electronic ballasts for UV-C germicidal lamps, call (888) 904-9054, submit an inquiry directly to an ISL sales engineer, email, or contact your local ISL sales representative.

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ISL’s Application-Specific Electronic Ballasts Enhance Performance and Extend the Life of UV-C Germicidal Bulbs

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