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ISL’s Continuous Source Manufacturing Services Extend End-Products’ Lifecycle

Syosset, NY, February 14, 2018

Obsolete/End-of-Life Components Modified or Replicated to Support Existing Designs

Announced today by ISL Products International Ltd., a global leader in value-added manufacturing and engineering services for electronic/electromechanical components, is CSM (Continuous Source Manufacturing),   CSM is a suite of customizable services developed to extend the lifecycle of the broadest range of products, and provide OEMs with an ongoing manufacturing resource for obsolete, EOL (end-of-life) parts.  The company’s CSM services include the modification or replication of the physical, electrical and/or acoustical properties of essentially any electronic/electromechanical device, except semiconductor devices.

ISL’s design engineers work together with OEMs to identify the most cost effective and efficient CSM solutions to manufacture a form fit function (FFF) replacement to the part that has gone EOL. Solutions encompass simply tweaking an existing component, partially tooling or modifying an existing component, or extensively tooling an existing component.  In applications requiring extensive tooling, OEMs most commonly determine that extensively tooling an existing part requires considerably less time and is less expensive than a total redesign of the product.

While ISL’s CSM services are applicable to any industry, they are notably employed in audio, healthcare, medical, security, food service equipment and robotics applications.  The company has replicated a Merry Electronics Co., Ltd. 90 Ohm mini speaker for use in electronic stethoscopes,  replicated a SMT dynamic speaker for glucose meters, and replicated a Curbell Medical 8-pin socket with switch, together with a Dukane 17-pin socket for nurse call systems.  ISL also modified a potentiometer utilized in deep fryers by a globally recognized fast food chain,  as well as modified a spur gear motor for automated locking systems to meet the customer’s requirement for a 50,000 cycle life.

To learn more about ISL’s CSM services, call (888) 904-9054, submit an inquiry directly to an ISL sales engineer, email,  or contact an ISL sales representative.

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ISL’s Continuous Source Manufacturing Services Extend End-Products’ Lifecycle

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