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ISL’s New Customizable Silicone Rubber Glow-in-the-Dark Keypads Available with Infinite Design Options

Syosset, NY, September 26, 2018

Parts Provide a Cost-Efficient, Reliable Interface Solution for Electronics OEMs

Announced today by ISL Products International Ltd., a global leader in value-added manufacturing and engineering services for electronic/electromechanical components, are customizable silicone rubber keypads, including those featuring glow-in-the dark (phosphorescent) compounds.  All ISL’s glow-in-the-dark, backlit, and non-backlit keypads are engineered in an array of design, conductive, marking, and coating options for an unlimited number of electronic products requiring a durable, low-unit-cost interface. 

Featuring a quick charge time from any light source, glow-in-the-dark (no electricity) silicone keypads are appropriate for a range of unique applications in which a backlit keypad would result in excessive battery drain. Water- or solvent-based phosphor powder is used to customize the keypads’ luminescence, glow time (phosphor decay time) and color palette.  ISL offers the broadest spectrum of color options and combinations, comprising varied shades of orange, yellow, red, green, purple, white, and blue.

All ISL’s customizable silicone keypads are non-toxic/eco-friendly, UV stable, and heat resistant. Offered in tactile (raised or recessed lettering) or non-tactile designs, they are provided in any size or shape with screen printed, painted or laser etched markings, and with conductive carbon pills to ensure precise contact with the PCB substrate.  A polyurethane abrasion-resistant spray coating, as well as a silicone spray overcoat are available to double the abrasion resistance of printed graphics, improve overall appearance, and extend the life of the product.   Keypads are compliant with EN 71–3,  RoHS and REACH standards.  

Suited for both indoor and outdoor applications, ISL’s glow-in-the-dark, backlit, and non-backlit silicone  keypads may be employed in a wide range of specialized electronic consumer (ATM machines, appliances, printers, set-top boxes, fitness equipment, and point of sales terminals), industrial ( automation equipment, barcode scanners, battery chargers, and hand-held devices), telecom (PDAs and two-way radios), and datacom (routers, switches and servers) devices.  They are also ideal in medical (defibrillators, patient monitors, glucose meters, infusion pumps, and disposable surgical and dental equipment) and defense (aviation controls and communication, sighting and targeting systems) products.

To request a quote, product sample, or additional information, call (888) 904-9054, submit an inquiry directly to an ISL sales engineer, email, or contact an ISL sales representative.

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ISL’s New Customizable Silicone Rubber Glow-in-the-Dark Keypads Available with Infinite Design Options

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