Value-Added Component Design Solutions

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Value-Added Defined

A leading manufacturer of value-added electronic and electromechanical components, ISL Products International is proud to supply its customers with solutions at the component level. Our unique component design capabilities are the key to making your application perform the way you intend it to. Instead of searching tirelessly for a component that might work, talk to us – the experts – first.

ISL has a long history of working with our partner factories to manufacture and supply uniquely developed electronic and electromechanical components. The collaboration of ISL engineering and customer-driven engineering, ensures that we meet all of your product performance needs.

We re-engineer standard off-the-shelf components to customer specifications. This may sound like an expensive proposition, but in most cases this service is done with little-to-no tooling or NRE charges.

Electronic & Electromechanical Components

ISL enhances supplies and manufactures a broad range of value-added audio devices, including: buzzers, loud speakers, sirens, and transducers.

We also specialize in cable assemblies, potentiometers, ballasts, power supplies, and transformers, to name only a few.

Electromechanical components include DC motors, DC gear motors, and gearboxes, as well as DC motor and gear motor assemblies.

To discuss how ISL Products’ unique component design can benefit your application, please submit an Inquiry or call us at (888) 904-9054.

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